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Tembo Automarket

The Tembo AutoMarket app is the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts seeking a seamless and enriching experience! As you embark on your car-buying journey, our app serves as a comprehensive gateway, offering a diverse range of vehicles for every taste and need. Dive into the thrill of seamless car browsing, where detailed profiles and specifications provide a 360-degree view of your dream rides. The excitement doesn't end there – seize the opportunity with our exclusive instant deals, ensuring you secure the best rates and terms for your chosen vehicle.

FEATURES: Seamless Car Browsing, Detailed Car Profiles, Mobile money payments
Size: 13.4 MB

Matatu Live

Matatu Live brings the beloved East African card game, Matatu, to the digital realm with an exciting online adaptation playable on mobile devices. Maintaining the essence of the traditional game played with a standard 52-card deck, Matatu Live combines strategy, skill, and a touch of luck to challenge players in both single-player and multiplayer modes. With an added in-game chat feature, the online version fosters a social aspect while ensuring privacy through end-to-end encryption. The game promises an addictive experience, blending the thrill of gameplay with interactive communication in this captivating play and chat experience.

FEATURES: Multiplayer Mode up to 7 players, In built game chat, Game notification
Size: 10.5 MB


Introducing a game-changer in electric mobility! Our team proudly presents an innovative solution designed to revolutionize your riding experience. With a focus on sustainability and convenience, we crafted this app to empower riders like you to explore the world of electric motorbiking with ease. Join us as we pave the way for a greener, more connected future. Together, let's ride towards a brighter tomorrow!

FEATURES: Navigation, Mobile Money Transactions Invoice Tracking
Size: 22.1 MB

UFCPA (Uganda Film and Content Producers Association)

Our app is a dynamic platform designed to revolutionize the way creatives connect and collaborate. With a sleek and intuitive interface, users can effortlessly showcase their talent, from filmmakers to content producers, and everything in between. Our robust networking features enable users to forge valuable connections with industry professionals, opening doors to exciting opportunities and collaborations. Whether you're looking to hire top-tier talent or showcase your own work, our app provides the perfect platform to amplify your creativity and propel your career to new heights. Join us in shaping the future of the entertainment industry!

FEATURES: Job Listing, Networking, Job Posts
Size: 18.9 MB

MedEase (Powered By AI)

MedEase is your all-in-one health AI companion. Connect instantly with expert doctors for virtual consultations, manage prescriptions, monitor vital health stats, and receive personalized guidance—all from the convenience of your smartphone. Experience our cutting-edge AI symptom checker for quick insights into your health concerns. Get preliminary assessments and make informed decisions about seeking medical care. Connect with top-tier medical specialists across various fields, from general medicine to specialized care. Instant virtual consultations bring professional medical advice to you, anytime, anywhere. Experience the future of healthcare. Download MedEase now and take control of your well-being!

FEATURES: AI Health Chat, Virtual Consultations(Video or Chat)

Daily Walk (NKJV Offline Audio Bible)

Daily Walk is a christian App built for Wisdom and Worship ministries providing the psalms of David and Proverbs of Solomon. The App is a totally Offline Audio bible App version of the famous King James Version providing a psalm at 3pm and a Proverb at 6am.

FEATURES: Daily Notifications, Audio Player
Size: 92.2 MB

Vetaplan Chicken

Smart Digital Broiler Chicken Farming. The Vetaplan Chicken app is your all-in-one platform for deliciously smart investments and poultry orders! This app is your key to the Vetaplan experience. From effortlessly placing chicken orders to exploring our investment contracts and managing your poultry investments, we're here to make your journey with us as smooth as it is rewarding. Join us in shaping the future of smart digital farming, one chicken order and investment at a time!

FEATURES: Online Contracts, Ecommerce, Notifications, Digital Payments
Size: 15.2 MB

Black Spot

Navigation App with accident statistics and road alerts.BlackSpot uses data from Uganda National Roads Authority(UNRA), Uganda Police and automotive technology to prevent and reduce the number of road related accidents by displaying it to the driver inside this amazing navigation application.

FEATURES: Navigation App, Voice Alerts, Road Path AI
Size: 18.3 MB

Influencer Africa

Connecting influencers to advertisers and marketing agencies.Influencer Africa creatively plans and executes paid sponsorships, product placement, and branded content on behalf of brands to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign. It matches influencers with the right brand fit for your persona to generate the optimal impact. Be part of a growing community, create your unique content fit for a brand and get paid. Take your content creation to the next level with regular training and resources. Grow your career in influencer marketing by working with a wide range of brands.

FEATURES: Digital Payments, Social Media APIs, OTP Sign Up, Amazing UI
Size: 23.2 MB

Flexislope (Soil Stability Analysis)

FlexiSlope stability analysis uses static or dynamic, analytical or empirical method to evaluate the stability of earth and rock-fill dams, embankments, excavated slopes, and natural slopes in soil and rock. Slope stability refers to the condition of inclined soil or rock slopes to withstand or undergo movement. The stability condition of slopes is a subject of study and research in soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering and engineering geology. Analyses are generally aimed at understanding the causes of an occurred slope failure, or the factors that can potentially trigger a slope movement, resulting in a landslide, as well as at preventing the initiation of such movement, slowing it down or arresting it through mitigation countermeasures.

FEATURES: Graphical Representation, PDF report generation

Khainza Gas

Khainza Energy has developed this LPG(cooking gas) delivery app to combat the effects of the covid-19 by helping Ugandans to buy products online without contact.

FEATURES: Mobile Money Transactions, Chat, Location Tracking, Camera Pictures Uploads, Product Store
Size: 5.2 MB


A beam is a structural element that resists forces by bending mainly. Kyambogo University Department of Civil and Building Engineering has developed this mobile App to help with these calculations and reduce truncation errors. Analysis is presented on easy to understand Graphs

FEATURES: Canvas Drawings, QR Code Scanner, Bluetooth Printing
Size: 4.9 MB

Build A Woman

YellowMarket is an online farm produce store by Rise and Grow Limited. The app provides an easy way to order fruits, vegetables and diary products at the comfort of your home. Using door to door deliveries, the App allows the user concetrate only on finding the right recipe and eliminates market noise.

FEATURES: OTP Sign Up, In App Chat, Push Notification
Size: 4.1 MB

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