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Hotbox Studio

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Hotbox Studios Limited is a technology company in Uganda, Eastern Africa, with a mission to provide an offshore IT department for every small scale business in Africa. Over the 9 years of its existance, most of its 1200+ clients have become online giants thus the need to scale our products for large enterprizes.

  • Inception 16 Jan 2011
    In a University Hall, Founder, Vin Shaaba being inspired by the contactless sport Hot box; sets out to provide an offshore IT department for every small scale business in Africa.
  • 3 African Countries 2 Feb 2012
    Hotbox opens office in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya. Hotbox Content management system becomes the first in East Africa.
  • 300 Websites 5 Dec 2012
    After amazing growth, website clients exceed 300, most of these are already existing websites migrated into our control panel for its easy use.
  • 40 Employees 9 June 2015
    Hotbox management team reaches 40 Employees. More than 5 in each country of operation.
  • Mobile Apps 10 April 2016
    Hotbox launches its App Box product for mobile app development, prototyping ideas and mobile innovations.
  • 10 African Countries 15 Nov 2016
    Hotbox opens office in 7 more African coutries including, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, Nigeria, DR Congo, Rwanda, Burindi and Tanzania.
  • 1.5K Users 3 July 2017
    Hotbox Control Panel , App Box and Website builder users exceed 1.5K. This includes more than 140 Users in Europe.
  • New Domain 15 Apr 2020
    Our Content management system migrates to www.hotboxstudio.co.ug for our East African clients, mobile money payments, local technology support teams and much more

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